I like the typing game because I can earn $coops for my pets on Always Icecream.
IZZY, 4th Grader
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Typing - A Lifelong Skill Made Fun For Kids

Typing is a lifelong skill that all kids should acquire. We make it fun and entertaining with an interactive typing game for kids. Do you want your kids to learn to type in a highly motivating setting? Then mix typing lessons with an environment that is full of fun and games for kids, not just endless typing drills.

And the best of all: In addition to keyboarding, your daughter will be motivated to play learning games in Math, Language Arts, Geography, and more.

Try out a small selection of our learning games for free here:

  1. Typing
  2. Math
  3. Arts & Music
  4. Geography
With our Ice Cone Machine kids are learning to type with their eyes off the keyboard. They need to find the right letters before their ice cream cones melt away. Speed and level of difficulty are adjusted to the skill level of each player. Try it out yourself:

Your Daughter Will Have Fun and Motivation

During her typing lessons your daughter will earn "$coops" that allow her to buy virtual items on PetWorld or MiniWorld. On MiniWorld, one of our most popular games on the site, girls use their $coops to create art work and decorate homes. There is even an online shop where she can sell her artwork to other players.

Protected Space for Children Online

We’ve built Always Icecream as a protected space for your kids. Parents receive regular reports of their daughter's activities on the site. Always Icecream has been certified by Privo to meet or exceed the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000.

Free Trial - No Risk Sign-up

You and your daughter can experience the full version of Always Icecream in a free trial. Always Icecream is free of advertising and supported by its members. In addition to typing, your daughter will be offered learning games in Math, English, Spanish, Geography, and much more. There is no risk involved due to Always Icecream's money-back guarantee.

Only Always Icecream motivates my daughter to learn how to type.
REBECCA, Mother of a 9 Year Old Daughter